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midday moombahton

Theres not much to say but play this one loud. Shouts to Headliner for the heads up its huge!

whp 2012 lineup – im in!


fab ciraolo

Somehow whilst internet surfing this morning i stumbled upon Fab Ciraolo and his amazing illustrated design work, my favorite, above, is my new screen saver. I didnt think Marelene D could be more dope than she already was but with a sleeve and chest tatt?!? Stop it already! More amazing artwork can be found by Fab on his blog. (more…)

metalheadz by nyx deyn @ copson st

Finally i got mine and i bloody love it, big up the Deyn, thank you sis wearing it forever! Get yours made to order @ the one and only Copson St xx

problem child – blog lovin!

Checking out todays postings on one of my favorite new blogs Problem child, had to direct you all to a banger of a free download from a few of Manchesters’ finest under the artful direction of Chimpo! Hypament Fling Volume 1 has got some absolute smashers including the Manchester Anthem Gaza from the ever ready Trigga MC, its free fabulous and full of filthy beats and basslines so head on over to Problem Child give that blog some good old fashioned lovin and get your North West swag on! ;)

sick chirpse = blog luv


Oh how i wish someone would have a sick chirspe then maybe a part of me wouldnt be so barren – erm i mean dateless. Anyhoo whilst i wait for the real thing i can get my kicks at the above blog from Saturdays host with the most :) Check it fo’ yoself before you wreck yo’self fool :P

animated album covers

Genius idea for a blog, genius idea full stop. Found today thanks to a link on Popbitch find more at Animated Albums

she was a walrus?

The beautiful voice of Jesse Boykins III might be familiar to you from his work with Theophilus London or Machine Drum , if not make sure you check out this awesome new talent making waves in NYC. This video for Amorous taken from the album Beauty Created (out now) and was filmed during his first trip to these shores, to perform his in london. Check out a lovely interview with the man himself over at PJ‘s. In the meantime can some one clarify if he’s saying ‘she’s a walrus in the chorus’….it cant be it doesnt make any sense…unless the lady in subject is huge…lol!

the curious case of my birthday present…


About a month ago i posted a dilema about trainers, in that there weren’t any good ones out in time for my birthday. One person who answered that post offered to send me a present…obviously i was under the impression that it was going to be a pair of trainers (even though as soon as i thought that i knew i was setting myself up) so imagine my surprise (or not) when i opened up the parcel and found this…


If you like it then you shoulda put a stick in it


This week on Twitter there has been some serious feminine appreciation, you could even say gyal crushing after becoming distantly aquainted with an LA based chica named Creation Cave after a very helpful tweet about fashion, we #ff’d each other and now im giving her some blog love for her brand new dopely titled Lovesicles blog all about her love for, you guessed it, popsicles. As the blog tagline reads: ‘If you like it  then you shoulda put a stick in it!’ need i say more? Read.bookmark.crush but remember i seen her first!

w10 blog – south america

SOuth American Handstands

Having been at home for all of 5 days since the 12th of December and having experienced major fallout with all my apple macs (i have two im no pimp!) i havent had the time to sort out videos of mine and Danny Wheelers trip to SOuth America…but Danny got creative and made this dope reminder of our hell of fun time over there in 2009 for the first volume of his W10 blog (more…)

a reclamation of space

It was getting silly, my inbox on the book of fass, every day over 100 messages mostly invites to events id never make constantly needing deletion. Real messages from friends and people who wanted to network were getting lost in the daily barrage. In between a ridiculous amount of gigging last year my precious time was mostly taken up sifting through junktastic mailboxes instead of being creative (this is what i have decided). So i took action i deleted 60% of my ‘friends’… (more…)

thegiftd keeps me lifted ;)

Checking up on my gurl in NYC by way of her blog as trying to fit in a phone call (or even Skype chat) nowadays is near impossible, came across the Ian Brown video for Stellify which i have to post for all the reasons Sam said…. (more…)

A.IN.T BNTL Photoshoot


The guys over at better never than late blog did a photoshoot for the new Art.In.Transit collection, and its looking great… (more…)

Guess Who? The big reveal

As much as i promised you that by the end of last week we would have a new contributor unfortunately it didn’t happen. However if the week started last Wednesday then today would be the end of it so with out further ado it is my great pleasure to present to you Jennaration G’s new addition… (more…)

Thank you Panda :P

Steve Aoki portrait

Stereo P blogged Steve Aokis first solo single today which features ‘Zuphr Black‘  (ehem, Will I AM….anyone anyone?) today reigniting an old flame. Thank you Panda for the Tee’s, style, frenchness and now for reintroducing me to my baby daddy. (more…)

I am a force of the past – Zilda


Browsing some of my usual blogs whilst waking up slowly over a cup of coffee. Always seem to hit up Unurth first… (more…)


builders in

Excuse the layout and content on page at mo the builders are in preparing a brand new site for me….not as fit as the plumber…see twitter…but still result will be fabulous! Keep checking back and let me know what you think….when its all done of course!

Listening to… The Panda Tape Vol 7

Saw this go up last night on the Stereo Panda blog, their mixtapes always bring the heat in a french stylee ;) Listening right now, Printer Jam (Mistabishi) is LARGE, jus got a pull up, Kenna Say Goodbye 2 Love got me hip wigglin even with a sore tattoo, wait is this the guy from Chromeo? Sick! Anyways nuff tunes, from the dudes with nuff talent and the bad boy designs.

Listen here… here

Or download it for free and check out tracklisting at Stereo Panda!

Links for days @ Jenna Ration G

Kanye is not wearing socks.


Sorry to upset you and the rest of the Kanye knob jockeys but im sooooo over this dude right now…The latest 808 & Heartbreaks is an addition to his plagiarism of non-american art/music culture from the past 30 years and even worse eveyone is lapping it up AGAIN like he was the second coming. ‘Art rocks’, ‘contemporary is cool’, ‘alternative rap is the real hip-hop’…NO HIP-HOP WAS ALWAYS THIS COOL, MAIN STREAM JUST FORCE FED YOU FIFTY CENT EFFIGIES UNTIL YOU FORGOT HOW MUCH OF AN ART MOVEMENT HIP-HOP ALREADY WAS!!!


I miss blogging!

All over the show, I have been this past week. London, Manchester, Vienna back to London then back to Manchester! Hotel, motels and the Holiday Inn but non of them had free wifi and I am so over paying through the nose for Internet. BT have the cheek to charge £6 for an hour!!!!! WTF it’s four more pounds for the full 24, how the hell did they figure that out? Anyways add to the fact that outside the uk iphone data roaming requires a mortgage and u van understand why there’s been no blogging action. I missed it, telling all to no one in particular like they care!!! Back in manny and making the most of the iPhone wordpress app, I’m writing this in the dentist :)

Music while your waiting….


Testing testing 1 2 3. I’ve got up the nerve to try a little more complex plugin for my blog, which will hopefully post onto my Myspace blog dusting away the cobwebs for good! So this is the first post…is it gonna work?? Who knows but i’ve included some waiting music & kick ass moves above for all those that are already involved and aren’t travelling through the internet linkage system from Myspace :)


So it has posted a link on myspace’s blog section, profile page. However its from Nov 02, been searching on forums and there’s only confusing answers, no simple step by steps…hmmm do i dare go into the code….