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starter fitted caps

August, as in now, sees the release of US sports brand Starter Black Labels‘ Lifestyle series, taking all sorts of influences from popular culture which is taking alot of  influences from the 90′s so as the pioneers of the fusion between sports and streetwear this will no doubt be a hit for them. This sneaky peak is to wet your wallets appetite for the limited edition releases exclusively available via the Refuel Store. I cant wait to see people from Sale rolling on the Metrolink with a Compton hat, gangsta! (more…)

going goth this winter?

We havent even had a hint of summer in 2011 but already im lusting after a new winter wardrobe thanks to Gareth Pughs F/W 11 collection. Leather, layers, long lines, killer wedge boots and lavish under eye accessories, i might just have to go goth this next winter!


shes 13 but…

A good song is a good song, still wont find me dancing to it pon a floor near you on this side of 2011 but im far more comfortable with nodding along to this video than the original….no offence to the spawn of Pinkett Smith im just a little overloaded by you lot this year ;)

remembering berlin

berlin homies

Its cold there, probably colder than it is in Manchester right now but i still miss it and all its little surprises ;)


cassel does ballet, yes please

Just heard about the film Black Swan which looks amazing from this trailer. Starring Vincent Cassel as a ballet director and Natalie Portman as a ballet dancer (beware boys shes does the splits) i think its fair to say theres a lil something for everyone in this psychological thriller. Already being touted as one of next years big Oscar movies with Portmans performance sure to get her a much deserved gold man for her mantle, i cant wait to see this at the cinema when it comes out in the UK next year…..*jaw drops* dam thats a long way away, wish i was going to the Venice Film festival, Black Swan will be opening the whole shindig with its world premiere there in September….how far away is Venice from Sardinia…could i nick a boat and sail there? lol

junglist movement is massive!

Horns salute to Leke founder of Aerosoul long time dnb affiliated label thanks to the classic Junglist Movement logo as he pays homage to the genre and the labels own iconic designs with the forthcoming  ‘A.S./J.M. Remixed Collab Series’. Calling on the talents of two highly regarded and distinctive illustrators to re-interpret the ‘Junglist Movement’ motif for the first two volumes, t-shirts from volume one will be available exclusively at Chemical Records in two weeks time ;)

TAD BLK-GLD (more…)

tonights oscars outfit….

Black for the Oscars

Ok im up to date with my film list and concentrating on the lighter preparations for tonights impending ceremony, such as my outfit! Black, black and black this year it just seems appropriate…… by the way i will do very bad things to actually get my hands on the Piers Atkinson hat or any of the AW 2010 collection….ehem!


grace and dolph

After listening to Island Life yesterday i got all Grace Jones obsessed (again) (more…)

its only racist if….

you believe all black people eat chicken….. (more…)

Why arent you my neighbour?

Ok you might have tantric sex session with mousy vegans that yell in native tribal calls and keep me awake all night long, but i think the over the fence conversations and seasonal get togethers would be delicious :P

Spotted on Facehunter

Flight the Photographer

Flight Photos

Not content with being a world class broadcaster, dj and label owner little miss flight has been igniting an old flame over the past year, photography… (more…)

Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads

Is Vice Magazine racist? Did Asher Roth mean to racially slur black people? Is America still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the whole black and white debate? Do you know who Asher Roth is? Is the guy in this video the same dude from Ask A Ninja? Is the fact that the editing in this video is exactly the same as Ask A Ninja the only reason im posting this? So many questions on such a lovely sunny (yet very windy) afternoon, this guy answers a few the rest are up to you…..

Back to Black…well Dark Brown really!

Check it out in full video shoot mode my gloriously big buffont in beautiful deep dark chocolate brown. Im back to black baby and loving it!!

Phat photo credit Will Mitchell at Qemists shoot, want more check out Jenna Ration G

Militant Black Man Is BACK!!

I love the Militant Black man…not all of them only the one on the TV show Balls of Steel! Holed up in a hotel room and its back on CH4, yay a brand new series and theres no change he is still hilarious. Blackpool, a place where they go and drown black folks! Isle of Wight, an island just for white people on which to vacate….Cancun!?! LMAO oh shit this is like the only thing on the show i laugh at the rest is pish! Heres this weeks episode unbeddable thx to nazitube. The clips above are apparently his best…have to agree, third one in Free Ho’s!! Classic

‘See the plan is the man wants to get rid of the man with the tan with the original plan!’

Play on – Janelle Monae

A Cute, vintage, barbarella-esque robot runaway who expresses in a musical theatre type style as in epic…make way for Miss Janelle Monae. Played her on the show ages ago as part of Link This, Many Moons had a very Outkast feel but this one takes me back to a Phil Spector Era, the lyrics are a sick contrast to the retro sound. Found it browsing one of my fav myspaces the Black Socialite  this track has blown me away, im off to find more, hope you like :)