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(rhyme fest!) new jayou – unto you

Ok im not trying to brain wash you or anything this song actually fits in nicely with the last post getting you in the mood for next weeks Urban Nerd vs Bigger than Barry warehouse party. Its a new track from Jayou who is part of next weeks bass heavy Carnival Warm Up ┬áline up, if you like you can catch down Hewitt St next Saturday night…ooo errr missus! lol ;)

Jayou – Unto Others by JAYOU

GCSE – Back to the future!

Not to long ago i took part in a GCSE Non Calculator Higher Level Maths Exam for Radio 1. I must admit at the time it all seemed like a bit of fun, i passed my GCSE Maths at the same level back in high school with flying colours, i thought, it would be a walk in the park.

However when the big day finally rolled around and i turned the paper in the ever so proper exam room, things werent as rosy as i remembered.

Now im dreading the results, the humiliation live on air if i actually do badly…knowing if i’d only revised a little harder, took it more seriously…not thinking that i would have remembered everything from so long ago when maths was all i had to remember! Yeah thats my excuse, its not relevant never has been apart from percentages in shop sales…so heck here goes…im gonna be waking up tomorrow morning just like i did all those years ago…butterflies in my stomach, knowing that this could be making or breaking of the first day of the rest of my life….

As it goes its just a little example as to how much my brain has deteriorated with age…results up later!!