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puff puff give, pour me another one

Two phrases i love inspired this weeks Frontroom Radio. FR05 Smokin & Drinkin is up now at mixcloud and ready for your listening pleasure! Every single track in the hour is either about puffing the good stuff, swilling alcohol, being high or has a connection in the title….All except Bisweed & Spirit included simply for their names! So many tracks i didn’t include leads me to believe that I’ll be making another smokin and drinkin themed selection in my frontroom before the summers out :) Listen.Like.Love.Share.Enjoy!

Up late and thinking of you…

Up Late

All hail the afro!

All hail the AFro

Still paying homage to the hair that will save the planet…how? No chemicals down the sink hole baby, just all natural xx

All hail the afro….

Afro G

Big, brash and beautiful. Let it flow free and get a whole heap of things stuck in it’s depth. Afro hair will save the planet!

He was a big freak

Betty Davis wasn’t wrong, in fact she was all right. Makes me feel better about everything knowing women like this have lived, so much so im paying homage to Ms Davis all week long, check the next post!

Betty Davis I love You