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not long til we meet again

Berlin my beautiful friend x (more…)

remembering berlin

berlin homies

Its cold there, probably colder than it is in Manchester right now but i still miss it and all its little surprises ;)


give the drummer some

Maceo Parker is starting the nights preparations in my flat, Stereo 33 then who knows ce soir for my final Saturday in Berlin! Check the breakdown at around 5.40 for some serious funky drummer appreciation! J double T on a swarm innit ;)

working backwards

Berlin Dollars ;)

Where do i begin? Its been nearly a month since i last checked in and theres so much to post, i guess the only way is to work backwards. So im in Berlin, i’ve been here for about 5 weeks gigging around Germany. Ulm, Wurzburg, Braunschweig, Berlin every gig has been immense, have to give thanks to all that got me to their home towns and looked after me so well :) Monday night just gone i DJ’d at Stereo 54 here in Berlin it was scary as hell but if i remember correctly the dance floor was moving, busy plus the awesome bar staff kept me well liquored up afterwards all gratis, so i guess i did ok! Big Shouts to Thomas & Tom for letting me spin some of my favourite tunes was very fun indeed once i got over my nerves and got used to using vinyl (serato style) again, thanks to Oscar for the helping hand! Thought i’d say thank you as well to everyone who came down by letting off this little mix that i did for FrontRoom radio early this year, my chats a bit dated, dont mind the ‘exclusive’ talk the music is still all good :)


i see berlin

pause for thought

Im here finally, living here til the end of Oct, i know its only for a short while but still right now im here… (more…)

3,2,1 im gone ;)

So long, adieu goodbye my lovelies i have gone to further shores…ok im only in Belgium  today but tomorrow ill be even further and then a week from now ill be in Berlin, not touching UK soil til Oct 4th, i can feel you miss me already as much as i miss you X

capsule wardrobe hell

Ok so obviously i am yet to pack for my two months away in two different climates, as usual i have left every thing fashionably to the last minute. The main problem with the task in hand is the dreaded baggage limit on the Easyjet flights im taking, to try and solve this almighty problem i have been vainly trying to put together a capsule wardrobe which is a f**king nightmare! First off theres way to much information about this on the internet, various blogs with written essays on how to construct your personal perfect capsule wardrobes each of them equally dull. I mean 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of jeans how the hell am i supposed to choose between the 30 pairs of bottoms stacked up in my wardrobe? 2 Jackets, just two jackets and one of them is supposed to be a cardigan, what?!? Stick to neutral shades navy, beige, white, but where does my red Wrath reeboks or yellow Dynasty dress fit into that colour scheme….yeah i know i’ve worn it 3 times since i got it but still, i need it just incase!? (more…)

tomorrow is laundry day :)

No no no not dirty washing, please put ya knickers away, im talking about the festival in Belguim, cant wait to get over there on Saturday to wail over Netsky’s set in his home town, if past events are anything to go by its gonna be crazy and the perfect way to kick off the month of September adventures ;) Flying into Sardinia on Sunday for the mighty mighty sun and bass and after a week of that im off to Berlin til Nov! Playing around Germany so keep an eye out for when and where right here….in the meantime if your in Belguim, Antwerp tomorrow make sure you reach Laundry Day for some of this….

die da, die da, die da oder die da?!?

I’d told you we’d get to Germany by the end of the day. This is the only German song i can confidently sing along with and still not really know what the hell im saying…lets hope its still big in the karaoke bars in Berlin else ill be stuck with Hasslehoff covers on a drunk night out ;) Dam this song was massive though back in the day, i remember it was always on MTV over here in the UK like 90 erm something or other, oh and there was that french guy too, what was his name again…….. ah Fabe im thinking i have to have french hip hop day at some point, that album was one of my favs back in the day, Detournement De Son!

whiskey cola

Some where in the world its drinking time ;)
Yay i did it with less than 3 wks to go and under £200 to spare when i land i have got myself a flat in Berlin for my two months visit! It couldn’t be more perfect, cheap gorgeous, round the corner from my long time friends, graffiti in the stairwells and has a cafe downstairs, das is gut!! To celebrate im blogging foreign stuff all day, i want to get in the mode of not understanding anything around me apart from the odd word…like ‘Whiskey Cola’.

Yeah i know the video is not German but ill get to that by the end of the day!

reason number 2

Berlin two months lets do it, another amazing inspiration to go German…their adverts are better!

reason number 1

Im off to live in Berlin for two months at the end of summer. I have been threatening to move to Germany since a lying yellow belly put the thought into my loved up head last year….however i have many more actual reasons than that sorry tale, the above being reason number 1 – reality tv is way cooler in Germany!

im ready for the kitchen!

Domestic Goddess

I got mail this week in the form of this B A UTIFUL pinney all the way from Flowerdrum KL via Berlin and how very inspiring it was :)


im back on the radio!

Front Room Radio 01

Ha ha, well almost, my new home project made in the comfort of my front room its called Front Room Radio (original huh?) and consists of all the music i’ve picked up on my club crawls across this big wide world. First episode is a look back at 2010 so far heading to Germany, Belguim, Montenegro, South Africa and Austria with a little exclusive from yours truely, music from Camo & Krooked, DJ Amaning, Kos & Tenchu, Disaszt, Die Antwoord, Bass Ill Euro and more! Best thing is its on Mixcloud which means if enough people listen then all the music on there gets there just deserves royalty wise, genius…now can someone make a platform that works the same way and allows downloading/podcasting, thanks in advance. Listen, blog, share, fast forward, favourite, love la premier of Front Room Radio our very first cloudcast :) (more…)

in Berlin

Jenna G @ Icon

This Saturday if your in town im in Berlin longside all those lovely people above gonna be faces and old and new see ya down there if your ready for it ;)

I Am Jenna G