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never coming home – atomique ft jenna g

Yeah so happy with how this lil session from over a year ago has turned out, big thank you to the Atomique crew for getting me to do this, long time no see y’all. EP sounds fresh and ready for the sunny season glad to be a part of it :)  Cover styles by the one and only Gina DrewesDisco Bird of Paradise‘ hot in my short set hoody, miss you sis danke xx If you’ve not got summer on your mind you soon will but be prepared, released exclusively on Beatport May 14th your ‘Never Coming Home’…

bettys famous lemon vodka

Never been to Poland in my life then over the last month, thanks to DJ Ros, i’ve been twice, not that i really remember much of the last trip. Sunny Sopot the second time round was lost in a haze of boarders and hooch. Not a vodka drinker but a drinker all the same i simply carried on knocking back the little shots of Bettys homemade lemon vodka at our pre-gig party, its bitter sweetness enough to mask just how potent these babies actually were….the last thing i remember was smoking on the balcony a few hours before the gig, then im face down in my hotel room with the sun blazing through my shutters and wondering if the building across the street looked that way yesterday…


Brighton Beach

brighton beach stomach

Last Sunday i woke up in the Cosmopolitain Hotel in Brighton after a lovely end of tour party with The Qemists. Before i left for the north i took an hour to sit an reflect on a crazy summer whilst watching the waves. (more…)

Play on – Effortlessly

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ – W. Shakespeare

Me and Zed came up with this a while back as part of a biasonic experiment. Classified – Rated PG, songs inspired by movies never made! As the summer slowly slips by, the sun causing chaos in our hearts and loins, i thought this particular track would be an appropriate soundtrack to those blissful musings over that lifeguard with the ponytail and the shell necklace…
Inspired by those American teen beach/holiday type movies, where coming of age through the highs and lows of love is the only moral and the locals are way fitter and deeper than the dorks at home (cause they surf waves not the net, innit!). Sunday afternoon tv ahoy!