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im in a rock n roll band

Rock n Roll Band

Been loving BBC2′s series investigating what makes the perfect rock n roll band, managed to catch the Drummers episode last night was truely epic (Ginger Baker lol) and my favourite so far. Obviously they talk alot about John Bonham (he’s the drummers drummer innit) and so shows the Led Zeppelin concert at the O2 where his son played, ah i didn’t have a ticket but was outside trying to hear something, we didn’t lol. Oh and im now very jealous of anyone that got to see Motely Crue live…..dam who flys a drum kit out into the audience nowadays? Whole series so far is up on Iplayer, which is my new best friend….sad i know!

My new desire…Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires - Kiss of life

Im one of those people who stays away from the ‘thing’ on everyones lips, be it an artist, diet, film whatever i hate the feeling of been bombarded into liking or doing something. (more…)

Did you watch it??

Ok you can be forgiven if you didnt catch me & James King in the wee hours of Friday morning on BBC 2 for Blast Film Festival 2008, more so cause you can watch it online til the 5th of December right here!!