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i have a dirty mouth

Evidence opening scene of this awesome trailer from the memorable momentous marathon that was the New Zealand Easter Weekender 2012. Ah happy happy days, big up to Dualray on the production, oh the fun you must of had putting that together :) (more…)

broke n £nglish factor

WHAT IF-THE CELEBRITY SHAKEDOWN (24 Bar MC Competition!) by STraTS-Broke’n'£ngish

Fancy being on a track with one of Manchesters finest team Broke n £nglish? Well then sonny jim this is your lucky day! STraTs  has a spare 24 bars on his track What If -Celebrity Shakedown due for release on his forthcoming mixtape. All you have to do to enter is download the above track and then record your bit over the space where the second verse should be, send your entries to by the 1st of August…in the words of Kelis ‘what you waiting for?’

More details from STrats after the jump :P


winning strat£gy

Dont Tour That on MUZU

Don’t Tour That Episode 19 up on featuring one of Manchesters finest team Strategy from Broke n £nglish, ABSOLUTELY WRECKS IT IN THE SHADOWS OF OLD TRAFFORD, ‘i might go for the salad but hold the tomato!’ ‘eating emcees like carrot cakes, cause to me he sounds weak like Gareth Gates!’ as always relevant and random lines for days Strats, the flow is ridiculous!

Yabamena Baby – Teriyaki Boyz, Pharrel & Busta Rhymes x

Smoking Hot!

Doing my daily round up of my favourite blogs…NOTW went so quickly today…so far the best thing i’ve found comes courtesy of Sar Sars brain (thank you), which is amazing because its protected by the best head of hair xx  New video from the camp of Nigo, Bathing Ape Creater, owner and general DON of everything cool. This tune has the potential to replace Flobots as this weeks SMASHER i.e the one i keep singing ;) cause i get to speak Japanese…or at least try!!