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topical high brow comedy

ok its not topical unless your a film student in class right now but it is genius…if you dont laugh then your brows low :P
Admiration to the Engine-Earz for his seeming selflessness!

id like to foster ben

Its the Oscars countdown!!! MY FAVOURITE AWARDS CEREMONY ever, oh the glitz, the glam, the red carpet to end all red carpets, the fashion disasters, the ridiculous speeches (which this year the producer has threatened to cut extremely, and broadcast backstage via the web, ugh party pooper!). Standard procedure next sunday night will be firing up the Ichat with @thegiftd in NYC, discussing the trans-atlantic syncing issues with the E! channel, making sure im locked onto a working TV stream for the main show (the BBC no longer broadcasting the awards is a travesty and frankly not what i pay my license fee for), loading up the Oscar twitter feed (via E! or and sitting back fingers poised to bitch my way through the ceremony, PERFECT! Preparation is simple watch all movies up for awards, including the shorts/animations and docs….routing for Rabbit A La Berlin for the latter this year obviously.  I began familiarizing myself last night and watched Nine ( Original Song, Art Direction, Costume, Supporting Actress) & The Messenger which sees Woody Harrelson nominated for Best supporting Actor, no nomination though for my long time obsession and much deserved Ben Foster… (more…)

Congrats Mr Lewis

Watching the Oscars and of course Tweeting all the way through. Just watched Jerry Lewis pick up the Humanitarian award, reminded me of how much i used to laugh at this clip when i was little…and still do now! lol