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oops i thought i did this already!

Adelaide Summer Break crew

Ok cleaning up my hard drive this week and found this video i made after heading down under in 2008…i know im ridiculously late on this one but better than never hey?! Hope you enjoy man it feels like a lifetime ago,  see you soon OZ and a very belated thank you for such a great 1st time :)

its only racist if….

you believe all black people eat chicken….. (more…)

Can science make me a male mix please?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr Jackman. His metal wolf-like abilities struck a deep chord in me during the X-Men and this week that chord is resonating in full chorus, creating all sorts of weird and wonderful fantasies… (more…)

Notkea Rotte – Bangkok here we come!

I like Norwegian Hip-Hop from Jenna G on Vimeo.

I love me some foreign hip-hop and down under i found out about a whole host of funky sounding people i’d never heard of before. Christmas day on the beach and Jesse from Norway introduced me to Flexible Rat aka Notkea Rotte and their rather catchy song Täältä tullaan Bangkok (Bangkok, Here We Come)! Ok i can only understand the chorus but the backing track is catchy as hell, plus after listening to some of their other stuff their flow on this is ridiculous, Norwegian ain’t that easy to rhyme in ya know! Couldn’t find a video online suitable enough to share with you on here, so i made one myself!

Enjoy Jenna Ration G

Melbourne was wizard in OZ…

So Australia i finally got there courtesy of Naras Entertainment & Singapore airlines and you know what i bloody love it. I dunno if i could live there for 12 months in a row but hanging out in the winter sun was definately a good look. Its crazy though as the whole vibe really suprised me, im not sure exactly what i expected of the final continent on my list to visit but i didnt expect it to be so erm…cool, look so good, cosmopolitian and very comfortable. I didn’t get too bush with my locations, even though Perth wasnt to far off… (more…)

In the studio down under – The Dreamkatchers

2 & fro

Managed to do some work over here, in between sunbathing, drinking and eyeing up the locals. Got in the studio with Aussie hip-hop duo The Dreamkatchers who have some dope music out with more on the way. I sung a little hook and ting n ting for a track of theirs in the making called ‘Fast and Slow’, was a really fun afternoon hanging in the burbs of Melbourne, drinking stubbys, eating Golden Gaytimes, lemon pasta and making the most of my husky voice….if you haven’t heard of The Dreamkatchers before, well you soon will check out the self made uber cool video above and fall in love with the smooth like chocolate vocal skills of these two ex models…..yeah i know it was a hard session ;)

My European Christmas day….

So right over the other side of the earth and who do i end up spending my Christmas day with…non other than a lovely bunch of europeans and some random asians (thats not racist thats what they call people from Japan in OZ)…. In true style the Brit lad got drunk & rowdy and i had ot make an exit  but i had fun all in all getting to know how to say ‘ Cheers’ ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘f**k off’ in 4 different languages… it always comes in handy :)

Jenna Ration G on Tour

Sudafed Warning….

Ok so if you have been following my Twitters since Tues you will know i am in Oz right now… However if this is the first you’ve heard of it, let me just break down exactly what happened to cause this post over the past 24 hours!! First of this journey is the maddest i have ever done, i left London 10.00pm on Tuesday evening and arrived 7.10am Melbourne Australia on Christmas day, i cant decide if i have lost or gained a day, mentally not actually (for all you anally retentive peeps!!)….. Fortunately there was a plane change in Singapore, 2 hours of feet massages and cheap shopping,got a $700 dollar bag for £200…again haven’t deicided whether that’s good or bad :) Unfortunately for me i got VERY sick on the landing into Changi airport. Sweating, quick breaths, light headed and paralyzed down my left side for about 5 mins, which of course scared the shit out of me and meant i wasn’t getting on no plane fool til i got the all clear from a doctor…

I’ve fainted a few times in my life, and i can honestly say this is exactly what would of happened if it wasn’t for the amazing staff on board the Singapore Airlines flight. Cut to medical centre and im being told that all my vitals are Kosher but we’re still no closer to findng out about what ever might have caused such discomfort…mentally and physically.. After the standard new patient questions the airport doctor asked what medication i had been taking…when i replied Sudafed, they closed their book and decided to edumicate me about the effects this particular drug may have ( which by the way are not mentioned on the packet….) i usually take it if i have a cold and have to fly because it helps to ease the sinus pain on take off and landing…however for some reason this time it induced an anxiety attack…causing the symptoms mentioned above…..

So let this be a warning to all you over the counter pills poppers, Sudafed on long haul flights = Mad Anxiety attacks…..which, depending on your location, could mean shitty feeling or cheap valium or death :) ….check out my Tweets on the left hand Lifestream for more info :)