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new tune out soon….

Artwork by Mark Trashynsky is finished for my feature with Mutated Forms….some people say we look like the Ghostbusters in this pic…just who in the Ghostbusters had an afro, the black guy had a skiffle mate! Anyways the single was written early this year and based on the thought process after an unknown goodbye, ‘Last Time‘ is out very soon on Allsorts, shouts to Crissy Criss for the support and of course the Mutated Lads, cant wait to work with ya’ll againĀ  :)

the best disco vinyl artwork ever?

And i say that more of a challenge than as fact, dont know too much about the genre apart from Cerrone is a BADMAN and this artwork smacks it, its genius…naked on a fridge….dam the drugs must have been reet good back in the day! Now im sure lots of you out there could amaze me with your disco vinyl artwork knowledge…so go on then fools ;) !

Natural History – Blu Marten

Natural History by Blu Marten is out the 2nd Nov, ithinkitsnice has been in expert charge of the artwork and created this lovely video featuring sections of the above cover and previewing album tracks. (more…)

On The Run Promo’s

Calling all DJ’s and radio heads keep an eye out for this little beauty poppin up in your mailboxes very soon. Promo for The Qemists next single On The Run featuring me (Jenna G! avec une cigarette in me mouth)…saucy but not the best habit kids, so don’t do it! Track listing includes the VIP remix for the dancefloor ravers as well as a few other specials not on the album which is out next week!!! :P