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Riding on the coat-tails of cock-ups!

Russell Brand talks to 1Xtra’s Jenna G from BBC 1Xtra on Vimeo.

Ooops they did it again and have spent most of the week splashed over most of the UK’s press. 10,000 complaints all because Russell Brand rogered Manuel from Fawlty Towers grand-daughter and Johnathan Ross told him and anyone else tuned in, exactly that on an answering machine during a prerecorded show Radio 2….standards slipping or is every body blowing this way out of proportion? Hmmmm….keeping my nose clean (like so many other bloggers) by not commenting…One thing that did come to mind though is how close to home this how spectacle actually is, …of course i work for the BBC and every weekend morning, in Starbucks for the past few years i have drank coffee with Johnathans’ producer, at the last BBC event i went to i met Andrew Sachs (Manuel) who is adorable and Mr Brand the elloquent long haired LA’d lethario are closer than most thanks to 1Xtra moving temporarily to 6Music studios and this little interview from his first Hollywood film released early this year….and before you say anything yes i am shamelessly catching a ride on the beebs coat-tails with old footage,  whilst googling the topic is at an all time high, i aint no fool fool!

Classic scene – Mikey phone call

So in The Wackness my crush makes some grave first love mistakes on his girls answer machine when she spurns him. Acted so well by Mr Peck it was quite unbearable to watch, you felt so sorry for him, heart broken and having been the nicest of guys, at the same time you just wanted him to shut up and put down the phone cause he sounded like an idiot…it reminded me of this classic scene from Swingers.

STOP CALLING HER BACK!! 6 YEAR RELATIONSHIP? LMAO, WHEN TAPE RUNS OUT…PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Have i ever done this? Dam wait lemme think, definately not on an answer machine…oh gosh maybe i’ve wiped it from my memory…this really feels like something i could have done in the past…maybe thats why i find it so amusing…its nervous laughter!