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not good

I dunno whether to laugh or cry at this photo..i mean its awfully sad on so many levels. The stance, the outfit, the shoes, the fact that no one moved her from the side of the stage, the fact that she looks like shes there alone….this is no good. Back to Black was one of the most amazing albums by a female singer songwriter since the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Amy is an astonishing artist so why does her record label, family and so called friends allow this foolishness to happen?

The miserable little flake wants half!

Ok so im reading the NOTW and trying not to scream out loud at the audacity of the scrotum herpe that is also known as Blake Fielder-Civil….because SURPRISE he’s divorcing Amy on the grounds of adultery and wants half of her 10 million fortune! LMFAO are you sh*tting me? (more…)

Jodeci….what happened?!?

Now i’ve heard the bad things that crack can do to the best of people.  Amy Winehouse bleeding from her satin ballet shoes outside 5 star hotels, Bobby Brown teasing poo out of his wife Whitneys arse, James Brown lifting up a police car?!? Oh no wait that was PCP any hoo, the latest stars to fall between the crack are K-ci & Jojo from Jodeci….ok they have been on crack for a while but this video deserves a little talk up and that was it! So now please watch in awe as this cracked out duo take to the stage for one of their biggest hits….

BRUV, NO……K-Ci your COLD, you just left him there, your brother….even bodyguards more concerned about the mic….god i dunno who to blame more for this shameful display. Crack, the audience for paying them or the promoter for organising the whole swarry and agreeing to crack on the rider!  I just hope and pray they dont get groupies in this state…like i dont even want to that shit can you imagine The Show, The After-Party, The cracked out hotel room orgy?!? Let this be a lesson to all young upstarts out there in the RnB game, Ray J, Llyod im talking to you… Find a wife and find her fast cause eventually the good p***y runs out, you’ll get older and a bit bitter hit the crack pipe and start straight passin out in the middle of your shows…then think of the calibre of p***y you gon get…ewwwwwwwwww!