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my panic attack

Annoying but not at all usual, sudden and quite unexplained, embarrassing in public and highly inconvenient at the departure gate…

Films on the Plane

So you would hope that any airline flying passengers for over 10 hours would have decent inflight entertainment and Singapore airlines do not disappoint… I watched so many film i wouldn’t have even give the time of day on land, all of which were pretty amazing. I implore you  (if your a film lover) to go and see these flicks if you already haven’t… First up Hellboy 2…i know i haven’t even seen number one but i love the director Guillermo del Toro (i can’t wait for The Hobbit movie), his style and detail are jaw dropping (Pans Labyrinth) as well as his constant connection to earth and nature regardless of the topic of the film! The angel of death in Hellboy is gorgeous and i’ve never wanted a fan shaped forehead made of bone so much in all my life!! LOL a little more action next from Jolie, Mcavoy (Shameless) and Freeman…Wanted was the all out action, assasin, ‘break Mcavoy in the US’ movie from the beginning of 2008, loose story line but amazing action scenes and including a lovely role for BBC’s Hustles’ Marc Warren (go on england!!) Death Defying Acts – CZJ & Guy Pierce take on Houdini’s physic challenge…some amazing performances in this especially from Saoirse Ronan (the annoying little chick from that flick with Mcavoy and Knightly)…again never would have got this on dvd but it is definately worth a watch… Der Freund – German and complex like the best of them are, this film is really amazing….slow calculated and heart wrenching , you would be lying if you said you couldn’t identify with at least one of roles! I dipped in and out of a host of others mostly martial arts,  but im saving them for the journey home!! Cant wait to see Chocolate (female On Bak)..going home will much fun, that chica can kick mad ass!

Merry Chrimbo :)

Portugal here i come!

Up bright and early for a long ass drive to Stansted…all good though cause im off to Portugal for the Cultronica festival and i got Friday night to chill! Performing at the festival  on Sat with a complete stranger but very nice dude DJ Oder, should be large! If your in the area of Braganca head on down the line up is listed on the very nice flyer above but head to their myspace for more info! M1 im coming for ya….

Over n out Jenna G :)