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here i am indeed

As a woman that has worn Chanel 5 since she was old enough to buy it herself i couldnt help but scream “what the fuck are you on about?’ at the TV this evening when confronted by Brad Fit in their new advert spewing poetic nonsense about how wearing it isnt a journey because journeys end or some thing pointless like that…oh hes so sexy but clearly not enough to make lead weightless.  Not to have ago at Mr Pitt hes merely reading the script and the idea of having the worlds most sexiest man (official) tell me he likes nay loves the way i smell thats all very genius but couldnt they have splashed out a bit more on the script which seems to have been mustered together by a couple of 10year old on fashion blogging crack, queue parodies please.

he finally stopped asking me

Jeff Leach stopped asking me out for dinner about a year ago, we first met in 2007, im so glad he finally got the message  ;) Its not that i dont find him ridiculously attractive or his hip-hop speak when addressing me amusing, my polite refusals were more to do with the fact that he is just not boyfriend material…see above and be prepared Edinburgh he’s coming…for your women! (more…)

one for the bank

in the aftermath of my French feeling i have watched this with the sound down before bed for the past 4 days…god dam can you email me back already?

feeling all french


Was it Brassai or Michael Pitt that got me fanatical about France this past weekend? Either way it inspired this mix which is a collection of a few the things i watched and listened to whilst feeling all French. The Dreamers soundtrack provided some excellent Jimi HendrixJanis Joplin as well as turning me onto an old french singer Francoise Hardy , La Haine gets a little feature in there as well as Amelie & Angel A alongside a host of French artists that were already on my harddrive and of course the YSL advert with my current obsession Monseiur Pitt. Enjoy late night when the lights are low with a glass of red wine, whatever poison as long as it makes you mellow, sink back into the sofa or your lovers arms and let the music play… x

airplane drinks?

A relaxing time…thats me all over right now ;)

p.w.m. – sukh knight keeps the vibe alive

There is in my life and for a few members of True Tiger a rather special day in the week, no long ting i cant be arsed to go into the story but lets just say Panda Wank Monday is one alternatively refreshing way to start a 7 day cycle, read into that how you will as the truth is no where near as perverse as your tiny brains are thinking. Its been a while since me or the lads referenced said special day but Sukh brought it all flooding back this weekend just in time for P.W.M with this little beauty of an advert, ha ha too fitting for this auspicious occasion, double panda points ;) Watch the full set of adverts here

loving this cheesy milk

Now some of you will cringe at this advert from Yeo Valley, the rest will realize its simplistic genius. I know im not the only one who bridged the gap between hip-hop and this milks name whilst browsing the dairy isle with the munchies. Ridiculous props for the Owl swagger, i need this as a gif, however what i don’t need is a copy of this on Itunes (available now, tut tut).

reason number 2

Berlin two months lets do it, another amazing inspiration to go German…their adverts are better!

when i lived alone….

I would often do the house work in my under wear,  colour matched headscarf & heels. This must be the reason my house is a mess since Nick moved in…. ;P

good morning :)

Today the blog is brought to you by Strange, above you will find a message from our sponsors ;P
(Apologies for the quality Youtube failed on this nostalgia trip)

the swagger wagon

Oh god bless America, they really go to town on the whole advertising thing. I found this offering from the ‘Rollin in the Swagger Wagon‘ series by Toyota over on Crunk & Disorderly. ‘Straight owning bake sales, with my cupcake skills’ has to be one of my favourite lines as coincedently im baking today in my new apron. (see separate post )

made in manchester

Just found out that this very sick Nike advert was filmed up Oldham Rd in Manchester, i dunno why this makes me feel proud as non of the makers were Mancunian and it stars a scouser but still i am!

car crash pr from NIKE!?!?!?!

Whoever is responsible for this awful advert, should be ashamed of themselves. His dead fathers voice and a slow moving close up…tut f**king tut. Can anyone tell me how this relates to him playing golf? Or am i missing the whole double meaning wrapped up in this campaign which looks like it was devised by the evil minds at Prentiss McCabe!

its only racist if….

you believe all black people eat chicken….. (more…)

model that cheeseburger

Japanese mcds

Its like your worst nightmare on ANTM, Jay screems ‘model that cheeseburger’! Americas Next Top Mcdonalds – well actually its Japan that this pret-a-porter inspired ad hails from, mmmmmmm cheeseburgers. (more…)

mannheim & my new tattoo

Getting inked

If you didnt know im playing in Mannheim this Friday at Feelings, its a special kind of party so i thought i’d push the boat out, lol (in joke sorry)… (more…)

monday motto

Its great when a brand can inspire as well as shamelessly sell their wares. So thank you Levi or should i say Wieden+Kennedy for the amazing visuals to a truely amazing poem by Walt Whitman… (more…)

Brushing up on your excuses?

Canal Advert

Quite possibly the best advert in the world…. (more…)

Do not watch if your eating…

Because i was chewing on a cheese slice sandwich when this advert aired with no warning last night on Ch4 some time after 11pm


Not on our telly!!

Thai advert for an Opticians i do believe….lmao a yogurt bank! Actually throwing up now at thought of cold, smeg lodged in my throat :(

Watching…. Stereo Panda Advert!

Stereo Panda Blaxploitation promo video from Stereo Panda on Vimeo.

Can those Pandas get any cooler? Obviously their french which is more than the half of it but then they make all those dope tee prints and preppy street wears, in bold bright colours and patterns, exclusive and limited edition artist designed shirts… Answergin my own question, yes they just got way cooler (how the fuck does this happen!) thanks to their Spring/Summer range promo’d in this wicked video from Tenas and featuring music from the Funktastics….Hey you there on the video look very familiar, what was your name again… lol!

Is that really necessary?

This is kinda childish but i have to say something before i die cringing alone. Im really uncomfortable with the Vagisil adverts currently running on UK TV…there i’ve said it out loud, i don’t care, i find the casualness of the whole commercial ridiculous….its not a sanitary product and yet all that is missing from the 30 sec slot is a rollerskating/bike riding montage to accompany the calm voice over detailing the myriad of reasons you might have an itchy fanny, besides thrush! Isn’t the name testament enough as to where or why you might need to use Vagisil? It certainly doesn’t sound like a beauty product to me…it has that Ronseal does what it says on the packet kind of name. The advert also has me wondering if i would ever appear in a commercial for a feminine product such as this. There’s no shame in a bacterial infection (depending on how you got it!), nor in getting paid work but there’s one woman like 3 from the front who doesn’t look so sure….lol!

Lebron James seduction techniques


Personally i don’t think their that fly but im loving the concept of this new Nike advert for The Zoom Lebron IV. Starring Lebron and Nicole Scherzinger, who looks pretty dumpy out of heels (cue smug jealous smiles ladies…) Reminds me of the scene from Scary Movie when Ray (the homosexual in denial) gets his girl Brenda to dress up in his football gear, lmao!! Thanks to SoleDiction for the heads up.