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starter fitted caps

August, as in now, sees the release of US sports brand Starter Black Labels‘ Lifestyle series, taking all sorts of influences from popular culture which is taking alot of  influences from the 90′s so as the pioneers of the fusion between sports and streetwear this will no doubt be a hit for them. This sneaky peak is to wet your wallets appetite for the limited edition releases exclusively available via the Refuel Store. I cant wait to see people from Sale rolling on the Metrolink with a Compton hat, gangsta! (more…)

blues in the kitchen

Every time im at my sisters we always have a time travel session usually back to the late 80′s early 90′s, this evening is no different. Big tunes getting drawn in the kitchen and old skool steps getting thrown down on the linoleum! What you know bout Joyce Sims?

the bedroom cinema

The bedroom cinema

Laid low like broccoli on Sunday after a pretty hectic Saturday in Manchester at Parklife. In one of those moods where the outside world was a hassle so after Sunday lunch at Tillys i returned to my boudoir and turned my bed into a cinema! Spent 8 glorious hours watching films old and new from a horizontal angle…total bliss and very entertaining heres what i watched and what i thought.


my 90′s style icon

In my recreational haze of a memory i always thought my short hairstyle circa 1996 was inspired by the infamous T-Boyz from TLC however recent discoveries in my tape box (Born Gangsta) and on youtube have rejogged that memory…i can now confirm that my sweet 16 style icon was in fact Boss. A milli, a milli, a militant rapper, whose name stood for Bitch On Some Shit, clad head to toe in black (of course) and looking like a tru G, i so need to get a tape player, this album is RIDICULOUS! Check out ‘i dont give a f**k’ for the most swearing in a chorus i think ever, for now this is Deeper!

i’ll make stew out of you!

So last night one of my oldest friends dropped round whilst Lords of the Underground were playing in the background, cue a 3 hour Youtube fest of all the tracks we used to bang insanely back in the day. Soooooooo many artists i forgot and soooooo many tracks that still KILL IT! So let us begin i got STFD for days on the 90′s tip! Raw Breed – Rabbit Stew, what you know bout this? (more…)

music for your monday

FR02  - My Manchester

Episode 2 of FrontRoom radio, put together in (you guessed it) my front room is all about my home town Manchester and the glorious decade that was the nineties just in time for monday morning! (more…)

this weekend in manchester!

Work It Flyer

Work It absolutely smashed it last summer when it journeyed up the M1 from Visions Videos in London to The Deaf Institute in Manchester for some retro 90′s partying. Perfect timing then that the girls and crew are back in town a week after my birthday  as it means i can hijack the event as a belated birthday party in my hometown! Will be doing a quick DJ set of my favourite tracks from the decade i lost my virginity in…so come down preferably in harem pants and bandage dresses for Part 2 of Work It – Manchester

I Get So High…..

Toni Braxton

There are many reasons that might explain why this song has been in my head since the weekend the fumes from my fire,  the bottle of Appletons, my dwindling stock of Jennarous Cheese, a certain someone, finding a picture of me and Miss Halelovic …..anyhoo  2 mornings i’ve woken up with this song in my head….. (more…)

Work It Tonight – I remember…

Living the dream!

What girl honestly didnt want to be Faith in the 90′s? Biggie & Tupac dam girl you lived the dream! (more…)

Work It Inspiration 90′s Music!

For all your needs

Ah the good old days, when i thought by the time it was 2009 i would be accepting my record breaking-ly early lifetime achievement Moonman on the MTV awards whilst bearing up through a messy divorce to Edward Furlong…

My favorite video from 95, dam Method Man was the be all and end all!

Work It @ Deaf Institute Tomorrow!

Work it @ Deaf Institute 25th July