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this is so weird to look at

Dam without a protein shake every day 50 is a different bloke! Dont worry though (were you really) all is well in the world of Curtis Jackson, he’s just getting all method on us for his next film ‘Things fall apart ‘ where he plays as a footballer player diagnosed with cancer. 100% points for effort visually i just hope his performance has received as much preparation!

tonight i snub 50 cent

Zed Bias & Jenna G Live tonight :)

Woken up by a phone call this morning from a certain rapper who will remain nameless offering me box seats to his arena gig in town tonight as long i dont perform at Ballin On A Budget, man some people will try anything to sabotage the only place to be this Thursday evening. Mint Lounge with myself & Zed Bias, Fallacy, DRS’s Album Launch and of course the hosts with the most Broke n £nglish all for just £2, in the words of Curtis ‘ if they can’t do it, homie it cant be done…’ Need more inspiration then check these out….