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oops i thought i did this already!

Adelaide Summer Break crew

Ok cleaning up my hard drive this week and found this video i made after heading down under in 2008…i know im ridiculously late on this one but better than never hey?! Hope you enjoy man it feels like a lifetime ago,  see you soon OZ and a very belated thank you for such a great 1st time :)

Back at In The City 2008

ITC Logo 2008

It seems like ages since i was in college, studying (ehem) music and new media management. Back when i was first starting out you couldn’t keep me away from an industry event especially if there was a free drink involved. Leading me swiftly onto the topic of this post. Founded in 1992 by Yvette Livesey and the late great Anthony H Wilson, In The City has become the date in the music industry calendar and it all kicks off in Manchester this Sunday. I spent many a year in my youth at the conference networking and dining out on corporate accounts, Tony even took me over to ITC New York to perform at the conference there, big up the meat packing massive…ahhh the good old days!

Back in the present im free of time and well versed in the ways of ITC so i will be going back to my roots and attending the conference, getting well stuck in with a whole heap of activities that will no doubt have me propping up a bar on someone’s expense account, yay! I get my nostalgic free pass (worth a mint and with plenty of benefits!) plus i’ll be moderating one of the most talked about panels of the event, Bubbling Up featuring Wiley, Benga & Blessed Beats, as well as interviewing a number of the keynote speakers appearing through out the conference for ITC tv.

Roll on Sunday, im really looking forward to seeing some good live music…nervous about the panel, not happy with my prep so far, but mad excited about the people on it. Check me out if your down there on Tuesday 7th, i’ll be around Alexandra B Suite 12.00 onwards moderating the debate on self belief and self promotion! Dont forget to buy me a drink if you got an expense account, after all im a struggling artist at the moment ;)

ITC 2008

Its nearly the weekend…


Im looking forward to a major skank out in Moscow this weekend playing at WODNB, thought this would get me in the mood… :)

And the 2008 Mercury goes to….

Elbow album

It’s a dark and emotional epic with a heavier post-rock feel

Elbow, or Manchester your putting us back on the map for quality music!! Always seen these guys in various studios around town. They were writing the Mercury Award winning album The Seldom Seen Kid when i was rehearsing with my band in blueprint 2006. Im not a fan of their first album, so i was surprised on entering rehearsals one day to be stopped dead in my tracks by a haunting epic’ness floating from the live room, a delicate wave swelling up to a glorious rumble within my soul. Not heard the album yet but i know their so deserved, as artists they are hard working, honest and had a true vision and as people they are down to earth, passionate and so northern. Really happy for them right now, will be checking out the sounds in full very soon…juggling between the desire to hear it now or go and buy it legally tomorrow?