Out with me Da!

The last time my Dad took me to a concert i was about 6, we went to see Huey Lewis and the News at the M/cr Apollo. We were 7 rows from the front and i got took to the front by security and guitar solo serenaded by Chris Hayes , swoon. In fact wait that wasn’t the last time i just remembered he took me to see Extreme at the Gmex on their Pornograffiti tour when i was 8 or 9, no serenades but Mr Bettencourt i know you were playin just for me! ‘More than Words’ remember that track? PGL banger back in the day if you dont know, your not old enough. Anyways I digress. Last night me and Da were back out at the Apollo for Thin Lizzy, the reunion tour.

Was really dope to finally get to see some of the original band play the tracks my Dad has blasted around the family house for years, making me a very big Lizzy appreciator even though like he said ‘it just aint the same with out Phillip’. Personal highlight had to be the guitar solo on Still In Love with You, dude got it so dam near perfect like the version on the Live & Dangerous album, i got a lickle emotional however  i think it was the cost of the liquor, the plastic cups and the friction from the carpet in the bar! I walked away from the evening a little tipsy, entertained, surprised (hello Brian if your reading this) and ever more intent of getting a tattoo of Phil in the very near future. Now to choose a picture, cue photo blogs until i do…

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