So what started on Thursday as a dull twinge has developed over the weekend into a left leg spasm inducing almighty back pain. I have been advised to do next to nothing for a day or two, which of course i intially ignored due to being halfway through moving into a studio and decorating my bedroom. Then at precisely 11.36 this morning whilst bending down to screw together my bed post and base together, what can only be described as a triillion ameoba sized evil dwarfs stabbed me from the inside out using plastic forks and electric tasers…i have never felt such pain even though im sure theres worse, which in no way i would like to experience. Im currently lying as instructed on my side (legs slighty bent as above) whilst cursing myself for not listening and consoling myself with Ikea cinnamon buns, Words with Friends (hit me up JennaralG for a match) and Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 ;)

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