theres a stillness in time

Pulled out Jamiroquais Return Of The Space Cowboy from the CD rack this week and it hasn’t left my stereo since, such perfect music for the glorious weather and it still sounds more than relevant 17 years after its release. Definately my favourite album from Jay Kay and the lads i’d forgotten just how amazing some of the songs are; Half The Man, Mr Moon & Morning Glory!! Do not play these when your alone with me if you dont want me to jump your bones! Far to early (in the UK) for any rumpy pumpy so hows about this little beauty instead, enjoy ;)

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  1. Sugar Shane says:

    Random Concept Northampton@Roadmender will be a night to remember ! Jenna G you are the BOMB, me and my girlfriend were totally blown away at the talent that graced the stage. I’m a mad jungle/drum n bass fan and i really want all the tracks you sang plus more as I think your what a real artist is all about. keep up the great work and i’m a fan for life ! PEACE

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