separated at birth?

Ok i know Josh Wink staring back at me in one of the ladies cubicles, Triangle Osaka…but can you guess which dnb dude i think he’s the spitting image of…

mo wink

Mosus – NFM

I’ve been dying to do this for ages, my reason for stalling is i didnt wanna piss anyone off…however you got to admit the resemblance is uncanny i just couldnt keep this to myself and its all in the name of fun no harm meant so i hope you understand, ¬†enjoy and agree :)

3 Responses to “separated at birth?”

  1. kirky says:

    never heard of either of them, u can do better than this c’mon jenners

  2. uludag says:

    haha n1 ;D
    i luld

  3. Jenna G says:

    higher state of consciousness?! seriously you never heard that before….dam your either young or live under a rock

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