black & white obsession

Lately i cant help but take photos with the black and white function on my camera, even in the most modern of settings i love the way it turns any scene into a 40′s snap shot, timeless and quite genius. (my snaps are in the Flickr photos top left in sidebar)Watching The Dreamers last night i made the link between the recent hue of my snaps and my Brassai obsession which began about this time last year. Wishing i lived when he did in Paris armed with a fierce set of post war suspenders and a camera. In that booth, that embrace, slipping into the misty shadows at the end of the street, red wine, smoke, velvet, metal, white tiles and cobble stones…

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  1. Jonathan Hoad says:

    Jenna…if you like these b&w pics you should add Ralph Starkweather on FB and have a look at some of his work.. absolutely amazing.. such a nice guy and has done some work with some amazing people too…
    Had the pleasure of knowing him while he was living in the UK years ago but he has since moved on…..
    Hey if you ever wanted some arty shots doing.. I’m sure he could make a masterpiece!!!

    If you wanna quick look if you don’t wanna add him..check out his website:

  2. I love the whole 1940s Black & White era. The music, the cars, the style & Yes the black & White photos!

    I have something you will like Jenna, I’ll show you it

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