so many films so little time

Vampires suck

Over the past 2 weeks i have watched a considerable amount of films, travelling an all you kinda clock up the movie hours. To be honest i watch a lot of films in general when i cant sleep wont sleep much like last night or this morning or whenever it was i woke up and couldnt get back to sleep and found myself watching Vampires Suck, it being the only thing left on my hard drive i hadnt seen. For those that dont know its a parody of the Twilight films, maybe came out this year, i dont know, nor do i recall why its on my hard drive but any ways…

As a secret fan of the Twilight Saga (come on its teenage genius) i was quite amused by this rather silly film. No doubt total Twilight lovers will hate it be cause it rips the sh*t out of every aspect they hold so dear but as comedy remakes go it had me laughing out loud at whatever o clock in the morning esp when the pack of werewolves come out singing its raining men, a perfect analogy for the bare chested hotness in the original film, check out the trailer for a sneaky peak, dont hate me for liking a dumb movie.

Speaking of gay homages i finally managed to see Sex n The CIty 2 the movie which isnt as bad as everyone said, shame on you all. It was exactly as it should have been, ok a little flat in the whole actual storyline stakes but so worth the hour and a bit for Samanthas menopausal outburst in the midst of the bizaar much to the horror of the religious male fanatics, in fact i think Samantha makes the whole film for me bagging the fittest dude no less, which leads me to the next question was that a northern accent he had? Unmistakably the north has got major beef, tasty!

Moving away from the adult humor Despicable Me’s cartoon crazyness had to be one of my favourite watches recently. The main character is voiced by Steve Carrol and the sound track by Pharrell WIlliams and HAns Zimmer really what else do you need to hear…go watch it, buy it, listen to the soundtrack, create your own minion (which i did earlier this year) get involved it truely is a guilty pleasure perfect for those sunday afternoons :)

Other films that got a watch on my travels are  The Other Men, New York I love You, Shes out of your league, The Sorcerers Apprentice, and Dinner for Schmucks the latter being funny but absolutely hair pulling to endure. Feel as though i need a good film to blow me away any suggestions? I dont mind subtitles the more foreign the better  i say…or is that men :P

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  1. Kristina says:

    Hey! I’m downloading Dinner for Schmucks thanks to yr post! And my suggestions would be RED, Four Lions and my top favorite Extract (which you have probably seen already :) ).. BTW I’m big fan of yrs, yr voice is magic and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Estonia! U should visit our small fairy tale country ;)

  2. Jenna G says:

    You watch it yet?
    WHat you think?
    Cant wait to get to Estonia :)
    Hopefully see you soon!!

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