no ipad no puppy….

YOU DONT LOVE ME and suck because of it….. Wonderful feeling on christmas day thanks to the fabulous Edwards family making me very at home in the countryside however my boxing day blues is slowly setting in as i survey the presents i received this year. Not that im a materialist or was expecting a bounty of booty however its clear you (Santa) dont love me as i didnt even get a whiff of any of my requested gifts. World Peace, free education, a puppy and an Ipad. One out of 4 i could of taken but non?!?! Oh Santa you cruel and twisted figment of Coca Colas imagination, i hope you catch malaria on your holidays and mrs claus doesnt give you any for a year.

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  1. Luís Barata says:

    Santa was a nice guy and brought me an iPad! I think you were just a naughty girl this year… :P hope everything is okay with you! Kiss.

  2. truth says:

    world peace can never be had. it is a false dream. all the positivity in the universe can’t make it work. it is the yin & yang of our human nature. we need strife & negativity to balance the force. you may not wish bad things to happen, but they do. the bad things make light of the good things. seen?

    so next time, wish that most of the starving kids in the world, have their guardian angel get them fed to live to see another day. a more feasable wish.

  3. Jenna G says:

    How very true and how very nice of you to take the time to point that out, however you didnt mention the reason for me not getting a puppy or an ipad surely they are more feasable than the end of the yin-yang system? :)

    Oh and Luis i was not a naughty girl…not by my standards anyways ;) Big luv to you and the cultronica fam x

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