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twd hospital

Ok TV is the devil i know this but my question is does it count when you watch it at your own leisure on the internet and not at scheduled times? Im saying no it doesnt and thats why im about to gush over 2 new programmes that defo deserve a mention. First up The Walking Dead, Zombie drama series set in the US but featuring UK actors, is that a tax break? Whatever im feeling it immensely, the Zombies are to my liking they fit the handbook rule of the walking dead, no intelligence and slightly slow on their feet but fantastically gruesome.

twd wife

twd rick grimes

The scene in with Rick Grimes in the stairwell at the hospital literally filled me with dread, even though it took a while to get there it was soooo worth it. Cast wise again im also feeling it Andrew Lincoln from (Teachers and Love Actually) and Boondock Saint’s rugged Norman Reedus as the (never type cast) hick Darryl Defoe, i luvs me a man that can hunt ;)

twd reebus

Special mention goes to Lennie James from Snatch, seriously it took me a minute to realise it was him, his accent was so convincing, he was like Morgan Freeman in any film set in a southern state. Anyways its on UK right now, season finale is on FX UK this friday…im still catching up, obviously im not sleeping ;)

Next up is The Morgana Show. No Zombies but there is Gareth, he’s painfully amazing and i actually cant get enough of him. Been watching TNT’s Special Reports with him accompanied by a blind camera assistant and a vertically challenged camera op, genius! Defo gonna be checking out tonights second episode on CH4  hoping to see more of him, Dani & Chezza (below) and of course Fearne Cotton but only because i want to and in now way im i being controlled….

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  1. Mel says:

    I was wondering if they were showing The Walking Dead in the UK. Have audiences there flipped for it as they have in the US?

    I totally love Lennie James, too. He’s been doing series work here for a little bit – first 2 years on Jericho and a recurring role on Human Target (with Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley & Indira Varma). Happy to see him again.

  2. Jenna G says:

    We never see Lennie over here, loved the first season hope he appears in the number 2! They dont have it on main TV more the extra cable channels, not everyones on it but its sooooooo me!

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