south america so far….

Maracoy - beach & beer

Im knackered but wide awake with nervous energy, kinda how i’ve been feeling since landing on this awesome continent Monday morning. Straight to the beach with Omar from the airport through the worl of Caracas traffic via Valencia to make my yearly pilgrimage to Maracoy where one day i hope to own a house with a boat, (somewhere in the distance of the above picture) your all welcome to visit and we can spend the days cruising round the islands stopping off at the most secluded beaches eating areapas with cheese and drinking beer in the sun! BLISS just remember the mosi repellant and rizla!

On route to the beach beeyatch!

Back in Caracas (through more mountain traffic) the Black Magic Sound crew put on a dope show as usual at El Teatro, was such an awesome crowd thank you to each and everyone that came out and made the club so hot…in more ways than one ;)

@ El Teatro ;P

Im doing an hour PA show on this tour, which i was nervous about thanks to some bodies comments on how people will not like the fact i premixed my set on Ableton but after the reaction in CaracasĀ im no longer letting that bother me. Especially after it went down so well again at the Pixel Party in Bogota, Columbia! Rockman the promoter is an absolute legend, djing with a Gameboy, 8-bitastic! The trip was short but so very sweet, and even though i only sampled the coffee i can see now why DJ Silver spent 4 months there….ha ha rude boy!

Pixel Party, Bogota Columbia

First two shows down and no im soooo looking forward to Chile, Brazil and of course Argentina, the next week is gonna be hectic for sure ;)

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