long distance lover


According to the Babelands Briefs email i found in my inbox this morning, the above is better than chocolate and the answer to a sizzling long distance romance. Personally this news has come a little to late in the day however it seems you can hook this up to your Skype and it will react to the sound of your lovers voice, you can also plug it into your music player to be fondled by the bass n drums in ya playlist, ha haha. This is a feature i’ve heard of before, so i dont know why the whole ¬†addition of its Skype compatibility makes me feel uncomfortable about the whole thing….any one out there agree/disagree, gonna get it/already has it to end the long distance agony?

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  1. Mel says:

    The first day I met my girlfriend, I sat in front of her computer and turned on the screen…only to be greeted by the OhMiBod webpage…

  2. Andrew says:

    What a coincidence!?! I live really close to Babeland in Seattle. Shall I mail you one? :P Skypeme911!

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