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zombie hip hop

‘Trick or Treat FOOL!’ would be my preferred one liner if i were a mugger or car jacker, delivered in the unmistakable tone of B Real from Cypress Hill. Kinda scary huh? Much like this spooktastic Halloween weekend in which so far i’ve seen Terence from South Park, the bride of Frankenstein and a drunk Kranky with monster hands strolling in broad daylight on the streets of Chorlton. Happy Halloween, its a bit of an ironic phrase no? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say Horrifying/Ghastly/Ghoulish¬†Halloween? ¬†In addition Thriller, Monster Mash and Backstreets Back are all overplayed, please shop keepers and bar owners get schooled to these other ghoulish tracks for this time of year…

Nothing is sacred to Will Smith, we know this from the Karate Kid debacle, this was also true in his earlier days when he still had a DJ. Oh Jazzy if only you’d listened to the lyrics

Ok Ras Kass had better tunes but we’re Halloween hip-hop theming here, Vampires, hello!

Dance with the devil is a brilliant phrase, Immortal Technique get all satanic this hallo’s eve!

By far my fav of this short selection with bells, spooky organ and ‘Murder’ in the chorus its is my number one Hip-Hop Halloween song, loads i missed out, so post your best :P

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