serious sun and bass hangover

I luv sun and bass

It was a week and a day ago that i left the lovely island of Sardinia, the end to my Sun and Bass bliss. many a thing has happened since then, many fun and wonderful things in fact but its only now, today that im finally shaking my S&B hangover. Back to work i must go, i am not on holiday any longer…oh but for that wonderful week that we all were…big thanks as always to Stefano and crew for the stella shenanigans and gracious hosting, all bar staff and security at Ambra Day, Night and down the beach, you kept us all liquored up nicely ;)


Lowqui @ Ambra Night

Bailey on the move

Jubei & Me



Waiting for the sun

two wait for the sun

this is the sun rising :)

Sardinia sea shadows

Admittedly i didnt get as snap happy this year, i was en scribing it all in my memory as this never fades…thanks  to all the crew that have been getting tag happy on facebook though , gah so many memories as always, twas a pleasure to perform my new stuff for ya’ll :) Already looking forward to next year x

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