laundry day <3

LAundry Day

60,000 people, 400 acts in just one day. The┬áBelgians don’t do things by half! Laundry Day at the beginning of September was the perfect way to kick off a month of adventures, all thanks to the terrific two Murdock & Netsky for getting me over there again, was a pleasure and always a joy!

3 is the magic number ;)

Really had no idea what to expect so the however many thousand crowd in our tent alone was awesome seriously i mean i was in awe at how many people were there ravin, you guys were on fire, crowd surfing in a wheel chair, nuff said!

Extreme crowd surfing

Shouts to Quest One & Antoon cause its just not the same without ya’ll is it?! Seem to remember a video for Moving with You being filmed, i dread to see my hair…it was very sweaty….lol! Will post as soon as i get a link, UK heads can see the real thing in action this Oct when me and Netsky Hit n Run in Manchester at Fac 251 on the 4th, see ya front and centre, ┬áchin chin x

Quest One

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  1. Sofie Bozzelli says:

    I really love the pic of you, murdock and netsky, adorable !
    you guys really kicked ass at laundry day, loved it !

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