capsule wardrobe hell

Ok so obviously i am yet to pack for my two months away in two different climates, as usual i have left every thing fashionably to the last minute. The main problem with the task in hand is the dreaded baggage limit on the Easyjet flights im taking, to try and solve this almighty problem i have been vainly trying to put together a capsule wardrobe which is a f**king nightmare! First off theres way to much information about this on the internet, various blogs with written essays on how to construct your personal perfect capsule wardrobes each of them equally dull. I mean 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of jeans how the hell am i supposed to choose between the 30 pairs of bottoms stacked up in my wardrobe? 2 Jackets, just two jackets and one of them is supposed to be a cardigan, what?!? Stick to neutral shades navy, beige, white, but where does my red Wrath reeboks or yellow Dynasty dress fit into that colour scheme….yeah i know i’ve worn it 3 times since i got it but still, i need it just incase!? Aaaaaaaahhhhhh im going fashion crazy, seriously wish i had rented a caravan in a naturist reserve for a month, a young no baggy genitals naturist reserve obviously ;) Whatever i pack i know that ill be unprepared or even worse, under dressed over the next two months, oh what i wouldn’t give for a Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk and no baggage limit. Be kind if you see me on the streets, or on stage looking a bit bedraggled remember its not my ill planning but Easyjets lack of weight allowance that has made it so. Be even kinder by giving me free clothes when you see me if you happen to design or own awesome stuff you think i would rock, ha ha! Shameless i know but any excuse for freeness i am a struggling musician after all ;) Right back to the task at hand *gulp* shoes vs trainers, apparently im allowed one pump and one heel, stupid bloody capsule wardrobe!

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