a wilde night in wurzburg!

Kim WIlde Live in the 2010

Kim Wilde is alive and singing in Wurzburg at the age of 40 something, well at least last saturday she was to over 4 thousand people…a crowd somewhat bigger than mine at the Soulmotion party downstairs in the Posthalle, however the dnb crowd had WAY more taste! My first time in the north of the south of Germany was marred by a bout of food poisoning, so although the gig went well, the party was fun and the crowd enjoyed it, i didnt drink or get involved with the dancefloor in anyway after my performance, which is not how i like to get down.

It was probably the hardest show i’ve done thanks to the contents of my stomach, which luckily stayed inside during the hour PA even though they were dying to launch themselves over the happy clapping crowd on 3 occasions! I still dont know how i managed to stay vertical with a full voice, ¬†at times i swear i could only see splurges of colour mixed with flashing lights, there is only one thing i have to thank and that is the power of the mind….seriously it can be a wonderful thing, i simply told myself over and over i could do this, this was something that could be done, regardless of what happened before or after, the show itself was within my capabilities and lo and behold it was! Ok so i lost as soon as the hotel door closed behind me but at least no one seen me heave colums all over my Ibis plastic wrap bathroom ;)

Big thanks to Florian for getting me over and letting me do my thing, Flava for holding down the mic duties which such flair, Ralf for ordering me good health back at the hotel and not forgetting the Soulmotion ravers for coming out to watch me not throw up and dance like no one was watching…even though i was :) lol Hope to see you next year!

Mc Fava & Florian @ Soulmotion

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