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WHAT IF-THE CELEBRITY SHAKEDOWN (24 Bar MC Competition!) by STraTS-Broke’n'£ngish

Fancy being on a track with one of Manchesters finest team Broke n £nglish? Well then sonny jim this is your lucky day! STraTs  has a spare 24 bars on his track What If -Celebrity Shakedown due for release on his forthcoming mixtape. All you have to do to enter is download the above track and then record your bit over the space where the second verse should be, send your entries to by the 1st of August…in the words of Kelis ‘what you waiting for?’

More details from STrats after the jump :P

**COMPETITION** The above track “What If-The Celebrity Shakedown” is taken from the upcoming untitled mixtape by STraTS of Broke’n'£nglish. Listen to it and download. There is a space where the second verse should be, record a verse (even if its a rough demo) and send a link or attachment to

The best verse will go on the finished version of the song and will be released on the completed mixtape later in 2010!! (Don’t worry about the quality of your recording, just the content-the winner will re-record the verse at the Broke’n'£nglish studios…

The beat is a Lupe Fiasco instrumental, try to stick to the theme of the song which is “The Celebrity Shakedown”, take a listen and you will know why…



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