the bedroom cinema

The bedroom cinema

Laid low like broccoli on Sunday after a pretty hectic Saturday in Manchester at Parklife. In one of those moods where the outside world was a hassle so after Sunday lunch at Tillys i returned to my boudoir and turned my bed into a cinema! Spent 8 glorious hours watching films old and new from a horizontal angle…total bliss and very entertaining heres what i watched and what i thought.

Prince of Persia , Sands of Time – NeverĀ  played the game and im not that much of a Gyllenhall fan (brother or sister) however OMG Jake as Prince Dastan is bed wetting material, add to the mix Toby Kebbell (rocknrolla), Ben Kingsley (who is too good at being evil!), some killer live disney aladdin style action sequences, cockney comedy and amazing visuals (even on a dodgy screen…) and this was a very entertaining watch, not at all what i was expecting…i liked it so much im off to see it at the cinema for a 50ft bare chested Jake, that is sooooo me!

Brick – Heard the film guy on Lauren Lavernes 6music show talk about this 2005 film, which is apparently a cult classic. Finally tracked it down and loved the fact the guy from 3rd Rock (again bed wetting!) is the lead of thisĀ  film noir teen flick from Rian Johnson. Not knowing this was a detective noir homage it took me a while to get used to the delivery of script, however i was hooked to the visuals from the epic opening shot of the dead body. Who done it, is twisted and turned right up until the closing scene, imagine Maltese Falcon meets John Hughes with no music montages!

Run Fat Boy Run – It was on TV so why not, plus i stupidly feel part of it this rom-com as i interviewed the cast for the release back in 2007, which is the last time i saw the movie. Not as funny as Shaun of The Dead , but Simon Pegg still does an excellent job of playing the looser in life you cant help but love, as does Thandi Newton by the end of it, even though he walked out on her at the alter while she was pregnant…liberties!

Fearless – Again on terrestrial (twas a good night for tv!) Jet Li kicks some serious Chinese, American and Japanese ass, in this loose history of Wushu . Some sick fight scenes standardly, the best lace wigs and seeing as its a Jet Li film a MORAL to make me feel all warm and snuggly.

White Men Cant JumpI cant remember if this was on sunday night or monday…either way i had to watch this movie whose los angeles backdrop was my teenage summer holidays setting. I forgot just how many white on black jokes/dialogues there are in this 90′s basketball buddy movie. Diggin the cycle cap Wesley and correct me if im wrong but is Woody wearing Nike pump up sneaks….? Im thirsty bring me water ;)

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