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Back from as always a lovely time in Reading with Engine-Earz Prash n burn who last night got me well and truely hooked on crop circles. Im not going all Robbie Williams here im just very intrigued with all the facts surrounding these huge pieces of art that appear frequently during the summer months every year…No one can say exactly who is making them but they have any idea of and thanks to scientific studies the man with a piece of rope and a plank of wood theory has been well and truely canceled out. But what exactly is making massive pieces of geometrical graffiti using intense amounts of radiation in various locations across the globe and why havent we gotten to the bottom of it after more than a century of reported appearances? Even more intriguing (for me) is that the one above is the latest of 6 crop circles this month to appear in the UK…did you hear about any of them in the news cause i didn’t which is pretty mad really as thats definitely news. This one is massive and found in a field in Holland, i mean come on already i didn’t see this anywhere in the media last year, thats erm slightly epic in proportion and news worthiness wouldn’t you agree?

Forget the alien implications or end of the world theories they are just so awesome to look at and the mathematics within each design is fascinating why wouldn’t people want to see or know about this? Anyways, im trying to get down to Reading again before summer is out to go visit one or two with Prashment n crew…geek out ahoy im in, check out this years appearances so far at imnotintoaliensjustart.com (oh no my hash tag fever is spreading)!

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