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Kyrstal Klear @ Eurocultured

If you’ve missed me and my random self centered blogging let me first apologise for my absence it wasnt my fault i blame all the djs mentioned in this post. If you havent missed me then what the hell you reading this for? SHOOO! Anyways got a little hectic after last weeks bank holiday, feels like im still catching up with myself after a week of late nights north and south!

It all started Saturday night Illum Spheres debut live performance at Hoya Hoya longside Paul White & Dim Lite, armed with my personal mini rum stash i laughed at Blue Daisy‘s awesome impromtu stage dive and boogied til i couldnt no more- cut swiftly to a 4am cheeseburger and 6 hours sleep and fresh faced i ventured into the city for Eurocultured.  Twas heaving, Manchester was representing in full force  thankfully i didnt wear my Basquiat Pumps , my feet got tred on so much!. Managed to squeeze up to the terrace at Spaced and since i have been obsessing very much over Onra, he killed it with his live set at Hoya & Mind on Fire‘ roof top shindig, where i might add Krystal Klear played a fantastic sing a long set of anthems, dam he’s got a big bag of beats ;)

When i eventually woke up on Monday i spent my bank holiday in recovery preparing for a trip to London, missed out on Hit n Run but i think it was for the best as my session with AI the following day went really well im looking forward to hearing the finished product and the rest of their album out this year on V!  Finished early so thought i’d make the most of my time in west london and passed by W10 ‘s headquarters caught some jokes off GQ who never ceases to make me smile and heard some dope tracks in the making from magneto warrior Danny Wheeler and vocalist Steelo before heading out east to my sisters for some family time :)

Sat here looking out the window this morning i wonder what the hell happend to summer, it was baking in London last wednesday when me and sis baked in the back yard before i headed back up north. Made a quick stop at DNB TV for the launch of this years RelentlessNASS festival, whose line -up of slalom skateboarding and Pendulum amongst other things looks like the place to be on July 10-12…that is unless your a die hard Prince fan like me then you’ll be spending that weekend in chocolate filled children loving Belguim!!

I digress, back in Manchester late wednesday night i was out again and in for a late one thanks to Jonny Dub thanks to my participation in his night organised to raise money for the MAG charity. It was a fabulous affair, not as busy as it could have been (you chairty skinflints!) but all the Manchester talented representing did so in true form…for some reason i was MCin over house on the top floor, much to the young DJ’s dismay ah ha! Ended the niight or morning cheering for more Rich Reason after his sick set that even got the doorman on the dance floor! Cherishing my bed when i finally got it in Thursday morning i was awakened from it only by the offer of home cooked food and studio time with the one and only Zed Bias beats were amazing however my mind was mush and i didnt nail anything vocally i was happy with. Kind of had a knock on effect for Friday as i spent the day busying myself with non music related things like ebay, moth killing and meeting my friends beautiful baby girl for the first time. It was good to get my mind of the ‘im shit’ thoughts that usually plague me if i dont have a successful studio session. Writers block is a bitch when fuelled by self doubt, i find the best way to move through it is to get on with other stuff until that creative shadow has passed. Fortunately this time it didnt take long and my weekend was spent in nocturnal mode, in front of my computor bashing out lyrics to backign tracks from Camo & Krooked, Spor and Zed,  sporadically writing down ideas on any thing made of paper and working on my live show til the way past the sun rises.

So as you can see not much time for blogging…x

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