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Hurt Less – The Qemists

THE QEMISTS | MySpace Music Videos

New promo video for Hurt Less by The Qemists ft my Mancunian self went up on Myspace today, love that i knew nothing about it….those guys are always surprising me, they know i love em and this track to death ;) Album ‘Spirit In The system’ is out in August.

Dont be fooled by my bunches and braced grimmace, im hard!

Unfortunately im not really feeling the video and no, not cause im not in it (lol), more so cause apart from the end shot of her slo mo growl,  its has no real wow factor, there’s too much of a contrast between the song and the pace of the storyline plus its another faceless dnb video solidifying no one as the artist.  I love the idea of the girl getting picked on and then kicking the crap out of everyone but some of the acting and nonsensical styling lets this storyline down for me. It also bears no relation to the dnb scene, the artists or genre specific consumers, i know there’s alot of studio tans and gurning ravers in dnb but is it really that bad that there cant be any true visual element of the scene or its artists?

Fresh GoldDust is a cool video, just like Hypercaine, well shot, awesome movement and in line with the energy of the music, however they said nothing much of the man himself, the genre or the country it came from. I can understand why this happens, make it look like an Ibiza anthem video or whatever in order to attract those that the labels and broadcasters think are fickle enough to judge a track by its video (i.e. you the consumer) and hey presto its on dance tv rotation and you have a hit! I cannot believe that you are and everyone else out there is that easily lead, music lovers are not that stupid. As creative and innovative as the dnb scene has been and continues to be dont you think the videos should lead instead of follow? I dunno maybe im wrong and everyone else is right but i thought that the UK was hot right now, so why not represent this visually?

There are great dnb videos that represent the artist and their art as opposed to displaying an generic dance stylization that doesnt represent the scene or the UK (where the music came from, just incase ya’ll forgot), videos like Riya & Lenzmans Open Page, Netskys Iron heart, Noisia Machine GunBlame On my Own (remix) and the Subfocus Splash ft Coco (even though he should of been the dude in it) are proof on a range of levels that this can be done reppin originally with a commercial appeal. But do you even care about seeing the people that make the music in the videos, whats your take on the dnb videos of the time?

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