‘terror illustrates my era’

My 90′s hip-hop vibes from last week in back in full effect yo! Been routing through my tape selection and found Murder Was the Case. FALL BACK ANY RAPPERS OF TODAY YOU’D STILL GET MURKED! Remember when the film came out sneaking the film into my friend Sarahs house, and watching it in her parents room whilst they partied downstairs, lol. This and ‘Come up to my Room’ ft my fav Jodeci member Devante are my top two from the album….sidetracking now im going gooey googling pictures of Devante, schwing!

Any way im feeling ridiculously hype listening to this Ice Cube /Dr Dre classic right now, whilst nervously laughing at the top comment on youtube…

I killed a man listening´╗┐ to this song…..

Yikes! ‘I dont wanna die, i dont wanna, i dont wannnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa die-i–i-i’

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  1. Melissa says:

    If memory serves…none of the singles bar “Murder Was The Case” did well on tv over here – back then the only channel playing “hardcore” rap in regular rotation was BET. Stupid MTV!!!

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