she was a walrus?

The beautiful voice of Jesse Boykins III might be familiar to you from his work with Theophilus London or Machine Drum , if not make sure you check out this awesome new talent making waves in NYC. This video for Amorous taken from the album Beauty Created (out now) and was filmed during his first trip to these shores, to perform his in london. Check out a lovely interview with the man himself over at PJ‘s. In the meantime can some one clarify if he’s saying ‘she’s a walrus in the chorus’….it cant be it doesnt make any sense…unless the lady in subject is huge…lol!

3 Responses to “she was a walrus?”

  1. lucy says:

    is it she was am-or-ous?

  2. Jenna G says:

    Ah ha that would make so much sense!
    tee hee, it does sound like walrus though right??

  3. lucy says:

    yes it definitely does!

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