male poledancing…

This fella is quite graceful on the old pole and thankfully he is wearing pyjama bottoms as opposed to a grease stained g-string. However around 2.30mins i couldn’t stop my mind wandering somewhere to a dingy back street strip joint, imagining the kind of women that would be turned on by said a performance to the music in the background…wandering again the music changed to the Weather Girls ‘Its Raining Men’ and i was instantly off put at the thought of this dancers graceful turns and twists being in time to a disco beat and including a few pelvic thrusts. Still this is pretty to watch without clouding your mind with dirty thoughts, thank you Jezebel for the sunday viewing!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thing that I wish wasn’t true #487: My gf’s roommate has a collapsible stripper’s pole in the living room.

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