im ready for the kitchen!

Domestic Goddess

I got mail this week in the form of this B A UTIFUL pinney all the way from Flowerdrum KL via Berlin and how very inspiring it was :)

Lady of the house in action

The Lovely Lina who creates beautiful bags, accessories and contemporary embroidery masterpieces sent me the ultimate kitchen garment for my domestic goddess alter ego in the guise of the killer kitch ‘Lady of The House’ apron! Muchos gracias to the QC for this one, as soon as i opened the package a warm and cosy feeling swept through my steely feminist mind and i hurried to the shops to buy baking goods, smiling at the hoodies on the way. Cut to a few hours later plus a super secret ingredient and i was the living breathing Nigella Lawson only dressed better, in a Flowerdrum original, oh and the cakes were GOOOOOOD! See Cupcake post for more scrummy pics!


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