idris vs cotton

Never really watch TV when im at home, im a believer the box is a form of mind control and was much better back in the day, so i try to keep my box habits to a minimum. I wasnt always this way however  since curbing my TV habit i find now that when i sit and idly watch it for too long it makes me ridiculously angry, the adverts talk to me at times like im stupid and theres only a handful of presenters that anyone wants to use that all fit the generic social demographics. Having been down at my sisters for the bank holiday in total relax mode i slipped last night and began channel surfing after Enders (my only one TV weakness) to find something to pass the time until BBC’s new drama Luther (come on Idris Elba how could i say no to that!) and found myself watching Fearne Cotton interviewing Peaches Geldof on ITV2…..i think they were repeating it or something as im sure this series aired ages ago and i purposely missed it, however in holiday mode and in a positive frame of mind i decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I remember reading somewhere Fearne was gonna follow famous women around to find out what really makes them tick. Her opening spiel on the Geldof interview gave the impression she was going to ask all the questions no one else would dare and find out if Peaches is really like the impression given of her in the media. Long story short she didnt,  the programme in my opinion didn’t do anything to alter the tabloids party girl ‘employed cause her dads famous’ image that Peaches has,  she fell asleep twice whilst Cotton was shadowing her (one during lunch), admitted within 2 minutes of appearing on screen that her manager/pa did everything for her (bar wipe her backside), acted quite pretentiously when confronted by a live aid t-shirt in a second hand shop and gave nothing away that i didnt already know, oh apart from the Scientology admission a fact so shocking we were told on numerous occasions by Fearnes voice over that no one else had got this scoop yet and how shocked she was by it.

At no point did i hear any questions in the vain of  ’So if you didnt get the job because your dads famous, then how did you get it?’ ‘Do you feel pressure to live up to some sort of image/social status etc because of your infamous parents?’ or ‘If you had travelled over the Atlantic Ocean to hang out with/interview me and then i fell asleep during it what would you think of me?’ In fact most of Fearnes/scriptwriters hard-hitting comments/observations were done as a voice over. As a watcher i couldn’t help but feel the programme or Fearne shyed away from saying to her face what she actually thought and until the end of the programme i was under the impression that Miss Cotton and production team didn’t  like her much thanks to said snide-ish voice over remarks.  However after an hour of quite uneventful programming where nothing actually happened Fearne summed up the whole experience as a roller-coaster ride where she had become friends with Peaches and felt, theres alot more to her than what is reported in the paper. Que me screaming at the television.  I couldnt help myself it was as though she had made a different programme to what i’d just watched, what exactly is rollercoaster ish about being the fly in someones ointment, being talked to like you were just discovered on the bottom of someones shoe and following someone around (literally) like a bad smell? Maybe she was refferring  to the plane journey to and from NYC, i have heard BBC does use Business Class for talent like Fearne and that can be quite exciting depending on the inflight movies of course.

Whilst ranting my sister reminded me that it was 9 oclock and Idris was on BBC1, thank the lord for actual DRAMA, not invented hype around luke warm air. If last nights TV viewing was a boxing match Idris would have knocked Cotton the f**k out and Enders would have been pissed it never got tagged to come in the ring and do a clothes line.

Weirdly though i am intrigued as to how the other ‘intimate’ interviews went, anyone have any ideas…i honestly cant be arsed to track them down! Ok i did watch 3 mins of Paris n Fearne on Youtube….cringe.

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