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Fr04 – Raven @ +170 by Frontroom Radio on Mixcloud

FR04 yes yes yes the fadio (fake radio) show i make whilst being recreational in my frontroom, this time im drum and bass mixing…its not that bad actually, i would blow a horn or two if i heard it in a club, but would you??  :) Thanks to all who’ve listened so far over at Mixcloud, if you liked, then share, spread, play again and again, louder and louder until you know all my speaking parts off by heart and your housemate wants to smash your face in with his mac!! Additional artists links and info after the jump (ha ha thats so gay, i love typing that) FR05 Smokin & Drinkin is up on Sunday, yeah im getting organized, watch out world!

Blue Motion & Grimm – You know Baileys Tuesday Ustream show is my 3rd fav thing to watch weekly after Enders and Breaking Bad (season3 is KILLING IT), this is where i met Grimm who sent me loads of tunes, including Burning for You sounding heavy in the mix.

Physicalz - Basel dnb crew, Kabuki and i played for them back in 2009. They gave me a CD with no names on track 11 is a KILLER. Own their own Fabulous label releasing some bangers this year for sure

Bad Boy Orange – Argentinas DJ/Promoter and lover of accelerated music, currently finishing up his first album for release this year, no doubt this will be kinda special.

Mutated FormsHigh sines and low claps was my introduction to this production unit,  better late than never right? I’ve been hooked ever since, watch out for our collab on Grid this summer ;)

Click links on player window for more music from all featured artists in FR04!

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