beatles vs drum and bass (free download)

Just got a link this morning from Headliner journo and DJ Ly da  Buddah who i got very drunk with @ Brainklub, Braunscwheig earlier in the year. He’s created quite possibly the funnest mixes i’ve heard in a while, a D&B selection vs a host of Beatles songs , it aint half bad! Download it yourself for free, have a listen and a sing along to ‘Hey Jude its Noisia’ ‘Hello Goodbye Blabbermouth’ & ‘Get Back Snaggletooth’ (my own titles!)  just some of the many classic mash ups in this selection! Tracklisting after the jump.

Ly da Buddah – Beatles vs DnB Mix

01) Intro
02) Rockwell – My War
03) Beatles – Lady Madonna
04) TGM – Berlin (Phace remix)
05) Beatles – Hello Goodbye
06) Cause 4 Concern – Blabber Mouth
07) Noisia – Deception
08) Beatles – Hey Jude
09) Ed Rush & Optical – Snaggletooth
10) Beatles – Get Back
11) Black Sun Empire – Stasis (Jade remix)
12) Beatles – Glass Of Onions
13) Big Bud – White Widow
14) Beatles – Come Together
15) Phace – Interplay
16) Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
17) Outro

4 Responses to “beatles vs drum and bass (free download)”

  1. Niklas says:

    The idea is wikkid and the mix heavy – BOOOOOOM!

  2. B-Bro says:

    The Mix is amaaaaazin – BIG PROPS!

  3. nice thing yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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