omg MIA killed a ginger kid!

This video is awesome in a Hurt Locker (first scene), Gus Van Saint, Lady Gaga random type epicness. However my initial feelings once the amassed mob are let out of the bus changed to ‘woe woe woe there my little pony tres hard core or what, monsieur director Romain Gavras?’ especially the final explosion…brilliant but really what is it all about. Ill say no more just watch an either be in awe or aghast.

MY APOLOGIES THIS VIDEO SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN PULLED OVER NIGHT – How sh*t is youtube nowadays? Should i give you a verbal breakdown? SPOILER ALERT! if you read onA SWAT team styled army invade a residence to collect a red haired male from behind the shower curtain of a block of flats, they then march him out to a prison style bus filled with other red haired males, after a quick journey to the middle of nowhere all bus inhabitants get out and then the SWAT guys force them to run across a field by blowing the brains out of the youngest kid there. Whilst running they blow them up one by one in slow mo shots with pyrotechnics and latex flesh….honestly thats it!

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  1. Brother Louis says:

    Working link to that awsome video.

  2. Jenna G says:

    AH you rock thank you brother louis ;)

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