not rubbish just STUPID ;)

Finally a DOPE video for the ever banging Stupid from Redlight featuring Roses Gabor , vocal doesn’t make me wet but her stance in the video is ridicuolusly cool and its such a heavy track i don’t care and im diggin the UV theme Redlights carried into this video, finally a vision bigger than one single in this uk dance market! Out on Digital Soundboy very soon but i already got the instrumental…hmm me feels a bootleg vocal coming on ;)

2 Responses to “not rubbish just STUPID ;)”

  1. Lars says:

    Outstanding tune!! Can’t wait to play it loud! Can i have the vocal bootleg when it’s finished? ;-)

  2. Jenna G says:

    as the title suggest its STUPIDly good ;) oh and Lars you’ll be the first to get the bootleg lmao x

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