men and their music

Some people are impressed by a partners strength, wallet, fashion sense etc. I am a sucker for someones music collection and knowledge. Is it wrong to say that going back to a mans house that has those ikea box shelving units full to the brim with Vinyl actually makes me wet….dont worry it didnt if you had a girlfriend (ah ah ah BURN). I think its the fact that sexy times would always have an awesome soundtrack or at least they would if vinyl could magically turn itself over. Dont get it twisted ladies a DJ is not necessarily a music collector and weirdly enough some of them have no musical knowledge at all….just had to separate myself from them booth bitches as that is not what this is about. Most of the people i’ve layed down with (ooo thats so caveman) either had an awesome record collection or a passion and knowledge for music that surpassed mine…anyone else was just in the right place at the right time! Theres people i lust after who i know i had no interest in until i heard them spin a dope selection or listened to them speak about music, sad isnt it? Anyhoo im thinking about this all after another gurl talk where again i was advised to stop dating musicians, or creatives all together. Im not really feeling it, are you ? Can i also just ask how im supposed to do this when im constantly surrounded by these types of people in my day to day life? Does anyone want to invite me to a builders conference?

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