junglist movement is massive!

Horns salute to Leke founder of Aerosoul long time dnb affiliated label thanks to the classic Junglist Movement logo as he pays homage to the genre and the labels own iconic designs with the forthcoming  ‘A.S./J.M. Remixed Collab Series’. Calling on the talents of two highly regarded and distinctive illustrators to re-interpret the ‘Junglist Movement’ motif for the first two volumes, t-shirts from volume one will be available exclusively at Chemical Records in two weeks time ;)


‘Volume One’ comes courtesy of the UK’s Mitch (Addict, Supreme Being and WeSC), while ‘Volume Two’ released on the 15th July, is the work of Japan’s Tadaomi Shibuya, whose street-centric geometric artistry has adorned magazine covers, billboards (and this blog) for brands such as Becks , Givenchy and North Face. I cannot wait to get my hands on the revamped JM by Tadaomi (above) im ridiculously excited about wearing one of my favourite artists whilst reppin a tru dnb brand! I got dibs on the black n gold perfect match to my black n gold Jeremys, nice work fellas :)


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