unnecessary epicness


Q – How much are virgin paying Beyonce and Gaga to promote their communication devices?

A – Enough for them to release 2 singles subliminally (NOT) mentioning their product and create this epic video featuring you guessed it a close-up of a virgin mobile (again!).Not into this version of the song, prefer the Brit Awards piano affair but the video *gasp* is so much fun (im overlooking the commercial backing its the future get used to it from major artists). There is absolutely no need for this 10min House of Gagas fest however that shouldn’t stop you loving it and her even more (if that is possible).  Where to begin?!? The diet coke can rollers, trans-sexual prison guards, homoerotic feminism, pulp fiction influenced car dialogue, smoking cigarette glasses, Japanese subtitles, Axel Rose/Ziggy Stardust Gaga, Lets Make a Sandwich sketch, studded leather bikinis, a foul mouthed Beyonce (nearly), the telephone hat, i could go on…its not amazing (i find Akerland a bit hit and miss and so cannot lavish to much praise upon him) but the epicness of this films attention to detail makes it so. Love, Hate but we all will watch…..Telephone.

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